REAL SURVIVAL NOW is a preparedness/survival website that is dedicated to helping people become more self-reliant and better prepared to face the very real threats that exist in today’s world. The site covers a wide variety of survival and preparedness topics, including information for surviving man-made and natural disasters, urban disasters and crime, and self-reliance and off-grid strategies that can help you survive almost any crisis.

Knowledge is the key to survival, without it, you don’t stand a chance!

Real Survival Now started in 2021, as an online site and resource for people who are interested in survival, preparedness, self-defense, and Off-Grid Living. Feel free to look around, and make sure to come back often. We update the site on a daily basis so there is always a new article or piece of information that will interest you.

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If you have any questions or have an idea for an article, feel free to drop us a line. You can email support@realsurvivalnow.com

Gear Reviews:
Our policy is that we only put up reviews on gear that we use and like. We will not put up a review for gear that we do not use.

I want our readers to know that all the gear reviewed on this site has been field-tested and has held up to the standards we feel are necessary for survival gear.

Gear Companies:

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About Elysse Curry

I created this site as a resource for people who are looking for information on Survival and  Living Off-Grid.

Elysse Curry, founder, and writer at Real Survival Now is one of the new and emerging emergency preparedness & survival websites online. She is actively emersed in the training on preparedness and survival training with no real-world experience but is passionate and enthusiastic in her thirst to help other newbie wannabe preppers embrace the concept and implementation even if it is a pipe dream.

She is the author of the Book: Secrets To Survival Outdoors For Couch Potatoe Fantasy Adventurists.


Survival & Preparedness Experience:

  • Wannabe Hunter, Fisherwoman, & Backpacker with 0 years of Wilderness Survival Experience.
  • Wannabe Emergency Communications Specialist & Licensed Ham Radio Operator. (She owns the gear;)
  • Emergency Preparedness & Urban Survival Consultant. (Took 1 Time Training course in Martial Arts, Firearms & Tactical Self Defense. (Watch out she is dangerous!)
  • Dreams about Specializing in fishing & hunting, and firearms. (Adventure is her fantasy,)
  • (Probably never will happen as bugs and things that creep and crawl make her squeamish, however, she does have the gear and loves the hats.)

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